A Chronicle of Subversion in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy

OhUIZv46LSL500AA300aWritten and published in Italian (1995) and German (1996), Hans Deichmann in Objects recalls episodes from his life by associating them with various everyday objects. Writing in the third person, he refers to himself as “H.D.” Like his brother-in-law, Helmuth James von Moltke (a leading conspirator in the failed 1944 assassination of Hitler), he worked to undermine the Nazi regime, but also its Fascist ally in Italy, where he served as an official government agent for the German chemical industry while secretly working with the underground resistance. He was able, among many other things, to thwart a number of recruitments of Italian workers assigned to the I.G. Farben chemical plant at Auschwitz and its other hellish sites in Silesia. Upon his homecoming to Germany in 1945, he quickly became disillusioned at the weak pace of moral and political regeneration from the Nazi era and returned to Italy, where he spent the remainder of his long life. For his book, Deichmann (1907–2004) was awarded the Geschwister-Scholl-Preis in 1996. It was published the following year in an English translation by Peter Glassgold and Peter Constantine.

New York: Marsilio, 1997

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