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NEW DIRECTIONS: Reviews and Comments

New Directions lives up to its intention, that of presenting fresh, explorative, and unstereotyped writing.”

—The New York Times

“The literary life of this country owes a great deal to James Laughlin and his New Directions….He has deliberately looked not for the commercially successful but for the imaginatively original.”

—The Chicago Tribune

“Laughlin, with his co-editors…obviously have the same talent for spotting good writers that Pound did when he supported James Joyce and T.S. Eliot. Any reader who wants to keep abreast of contemporary literature can rely on New Directions to search out and publish excellent poetry and prose by the writers who, in Pound’s phrase, ‘make it new.’”

—Berkeley Voice

“Sui generis now among commercial trade publishers, New Directions’ annual roundup is just what this sort of non-textbook anthology ought to be….”

—Kirkus Reviews

“…the New Directions anthologies have always been at the forefront of avant-garde writing.”

—ALA Booklist

“The reader—who will be excited, intrigued, and undoubtedly baffled—encounters a wealth of forms…inventive styles, and an incredibly wide range of subjects and ideas.”

—Publishers Weekly


An International Anthology of Prose & Poetry