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BOETHIUS: Reviews and Comments


"The project Glassgold undertakes is…linguistic and poetic, a tribute to the literary history of the Consolation in English that conflates and combines quotations from familiar texts, specimens of language, and evidence of the concept of change itself….Glassgold offers, then, neither a eulogy for nor an autopsy of the selected parts of the Frankensteinian creature he has constructed from the versions at hand, but rather a tribute to the long and ongoing life that these translations by such noble figures have allowed Boethius’s Consolation.”

—Kenneth C. Hawley, “The Boethian Vision of Eternity in Old, Middle, and
Early English Translations of De Consolatione Philosphi” (Ph.D. diss., University of Kentucky, 2007)

I would not be surprised if there are Boethian scholars who have refused to translate the Consolation just for fear of walking through a minefield of Boethian verse….But see Boethius: The Poems from On The Consolation of Philosophy, Translated out the original Latin into diverse historical Englishings diligently collaged by Peter Glassgold (Los Angeles, 1994) for an
interesting series of Old English experiments.

Joel C. Relihan, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

 "This book is pure unadulterated wisdom and spiritual insight. A must read."

Omar S. Amanat, film producer, co-founder, the Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund