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ANARCHY!: Reviews and Comments

“An indispensable book…a judicious, lively, and enlightening work.”

—Paul Avrich, author of Anarchist Voices


“Peter Glassgold has done a great service to the activist spirit by returning to print Mother Earth’s often stirring, always illuminating essays. The incisive commentaries on contemporary events by Goldman and friends help explain why she was the FBI’s first and most celebrated political deportee.”

—Alex Kates Shulman, author of Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen


“Glassgold chose well when he culled from Mother Earth. The exuberance of its prose is what summaries of anarchism often fail to capture….[His] achievement is to help it be heard in its intensity and complexity.”

—Karen Karin Rosenberg, The Nation


“It is wonderful to have this collection of pieces from the days when anarchism was an ism—and so heady a brew that the government had to resort to illegal repression to squelch it. What’s more, it is still a heady brew.”

—Kirkpatrick Sale, author of The Dwellers in the Land


“Glassgold opens with an excellent brief history of the publication. This anthology provides an exceptional presentation of early 20th-century anarchist ideas.”

Stephan L. Hupp, Library Journal (starred review)


“A fascinating survey of the reactions of American anarchism’s key players to significant issues and events of their time.”

Mary Carroll, Booklist


“Why no one ever thought of bringing out a collection like this until now is beyond me.”

—Bill Mithoefer, Bad Subjects


“What a marvelous sampling of the complex and vibrant political culture of the anarchist circle drawn together in Emma Goldman’s magazine—Mother Earth—celebrating those who put themselves at risk, who, from the margins, heralded the cause of freedom across the globe….Sure to become a classic.”

—Candace Falk, Editor/Director, The Emma Goldman Papers, University of California, Berkeley


“Lovingly edited, with commentary, by Peter Glassgold, Anarchy! attempts to rectify our historical amnesia and contemporary ignorance of the topic….[A] wonderful anthology.”

—Angela D. Dillard, New York Press


“Peter Glassgold has judiciously sifted out hundreds of pages of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth, written a luminous introduction that places them in context, added commentary that guides readers with a light hand through the topical parts to individual pieces, and then rounded off this labor of love with a reader-friendly analytical index that is a treasure in itself.”

—Richard Drinnon, author of Rebel in Paradise: A Biography of Emma Goldman


“Peter Glassgold provides a brilliant selection of the journal’s articles….This is an absolute must-read, with much contemporary resonance for the activist and intellectual historian alike.”

Joel Schalit, San Francisco Bay Guardian

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