The Collected Poems of James Laughlin: BOOK DESCRIPTION

The Collected Poems of James Laughlin is the first collection of work drawn from the pages of the foremost anarchist journal published in America—provocative writings by Goldman, Margaret Sanger, Peter Kropotkin, Alexander Berkman, and dozens of other radical thinkers of the early twentieth century. The writings in this anthology are grouped by theme: “Anarchism,” “The Woman Question,” “Literature,” “Civil Liberties,” “The Social War,” “War and Peace.”

AnarchyCoverRevsmall1This landmark gathering was originally published in 2001. To the revised, expanded edition, editor Peter Glassgold contributes a new preface that offers historical grounding to many of today’s political movements, from libertarianism on the right to Occupy actions on the left, as well as adding a substantial section, “The Trial and Conviction of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman,” which includes a transcription of their eloquent and moving self-defense prior to their imprisonment and subsequent deportation to Bolshevik Russia on trumped-up charges of wartime espionage.

Glassgold’s lively introduction and commentary, together with photos and illustrations, a bibliography, and a thorough index, serve to make Anarchy! a rich primer of American anarchism at the time of its greatest influence.

Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2012

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